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  • My mission to find a Face Mask comfortable enough for exercise

    Owing a silk business-Just Mulberry Silk- I know the downfalls of cotton against the skin but I didn’t expect after 45 mins of walking to have dry chapped lips, red cheeks and a flare up of eczema. Read further on how to spot the perfect face mask.
  • Small business supporting other small businesses

    We are very excited to be working with a local QLD business to bring you a range of high quality Mulberry Silk scrunchies to help reduce hair kinks, breakage and friction. 
  • What’s lurking in your make up bag?

    Take a look inside your make up bag and you probably see your favourites to help maintain your skin and enhance your beauty-lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, brushes, maybe that mascara that you know has passed its use by date but you love it too much to part with.

    It’s what you can’t see in your make up bag that we should also be thinking about.

  • Staying cool on hot summer nights

    We all sweat at night add on a hot summer night and you can sweat over two cups of water each night!
  • Effects of Office Air Conditioning on your Skin!

    If you already have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis air conditioning may make it worse by altering the skins ph levels. This can make your skin itch and flake.
  • Navigating your way through Click Frenzy, Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    Click Frenzy, Black Friday & Cyber Monday have changed the way we shop in the lead up to Christmas, however you do need to be careful to make sure you don’t go overboard and get swept up in a shopping frenzy that ends up costing you more then you budgeted for.
  • Sleep Better with a Silk Eye Mask!

    If occasional sleeplessness occurs chances are a silk eye mask will work best for you and have you back to restful and relaxing sleep.
  • What causes frizzy hair?

    Frizz is caused when hair is dry and lacks moisture which causes hair to seek moisture from the air around it. The outer layer of the hair takes in the moisture from the air, causing the hair to swell and frizz.
  • Wrinkles While You Sleep!

    There are ways you can minimise sleep lines and wrinkles. Try sleeping on your back with support pillows on each side to prevent you rolling. If this is uncomfortable and you prefer sleeping on your side a Mulberry Silk pillowcase can assist with preventing facial creasing.
  • How often should you change your pillow?

    You sleep on your pillow, night after night for hours, so how often should you replace your pillow?
  • Keeping your Eyelash extensions in Tip Top condition whilst you sleep

    The way you sleep can have a major impact on the look and life span of your lash extensions. A silk pillowcase can assist with lifespan of your lashes