My mission to find a Face Mask comfortable enough for exercise

Like many Victorians when face masks became mandatory, I thought I could make a sock or t shirt mask by watching a you tube video. I was optimistic that even though I can’t sew I can use scissors- how hard could this be?

A few pairs of socks and some t shirts later I found myself on Facebook buying a cotton handmade mask from a local lady who did know how to sew.

This is where my face mask online buying journey began.

My cotton handmade mask was cheap, cute and a life saver when I couldn’t find anything else. I felt confident wearing my pretty patterned face mask on my first walk with it when others had socks, scarfs and t shirts tied to their faces.

Owing a silk business-Just Mulberry Silk- I know the downfalls of cotton against the skin but I didn’t expect after 45 mins of walking to have dry chapped lips, red cheeks and a flare up of eczema.

A friend suggested I try one of the face masks that is shaped to sit off the mouth and nose. Whilst the shape was fantastic- I didn’t get a mouth or nose full of fabric when I breathed- it was still cotton and the chapped lips occurred again with the added surprise of chin pimples.

I knew then it had to be silk-moisture wicking, cool and soft against skin- I couldn’t find one that sat off the face so instead purchased a really, really expensive rectangle, pleated, adjustable strapped silk mask.

I then patiently waited for my pre ordered silk face mask to arrive. When it did it was beautiful- fancy wrapping, beautiful silk, quality stitching- well worth the $50 or so I thought!

Another walk, the material was everything I expected- light weight, breathable, moisture wicking but the design of the mask was all wrong. The rectangle shape meant it sat high up near the corner of my eyes and flat on my face. When I breathed in and out the material sat flat against my nose and mouth and felt a little claustrophobic.

That’s when I knew we had to combine the designs and make our own silk face mask that are quality Mulberry Silk, sit off the mouth, taper down under the eye, have adjustable straps, reusable, washable and the big one- reasonably priced and come in twin packs.

My walks are now a lot more pleasant; my skin has returned to its work from home no make-up glory and I’m busy designing some cute prints for our next production.

**Disclaimer: These masks are not medical or PPE and are suitable for my personal health