Navigating your way through Click Frenzy, Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Click Frenzy, Black Friday & Cyber Monday have changed the way we shop in the lead up to Christmas, however you do need to be careful to make sure you don’t go overboard and get swept up in a shopping frenzy that ends up costing you more then you budgeted for.

With some planning and being a little savvy, you can make the sales work for you!

Here are some quick tips to help you stay focused during the pre-Christmas sales frenzy.

  1. Just like Santa Clause it pays to have a list of who you need to buy gifts for and your budget.
  1. Do your research to find the product you are wanting- look at quality, price and availability. Have a few options so you can compare prices on the sale day to get the best value. For example, a silk pillowcase that’s low quality may only cost you $25 on sale but you may need to replace after a few months or it may start piling after the first wash, compared to a superior quality silk pillowcase that costs $50 on sale that will last years.
  1. Sign up to your favourite stores emails/newsletters to get early notifications of sales and what discounts they are offering.
  1. Stick to your budget!
  1. If you have the budget plan ahead for any gifts you need to buy for first half of next year. Generally, the sales prior to Christmas have the new, most wanted products and sales after Christmas tend to be excess stock.

However you like to shop the sales- on line, in person, by yourself of with friends-good luck and don’t forget your Mulberry Silk pillowcase for a good night’s rest after all that hard shopping.