Effects of Office Air Conditioning on your Skin!

If you ever need an excuse not to go into the office, the drying effects of air conditioning on your skin is a good one!

Air-conditioning, especially in the work place, where you often have no control over the ambience, can dehydrate and age your skin.

The air-conditioning causes a low water content in the atmosphere leading to water loss in your skin and can also cause other dehydration symptoms such as tiredness, loss of concentration and headaches.

If you already have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis air conditioning may make it worse by altering the skins ph levels. This can make your skin itch and flake.

To counter act the drying effects of air conditioning, try the below tips:

  1. Drink water frequently throughout the day
  2. Use a good moisturiser regularly
  3. Use a humidifier- this will increase the moisture in the air
  4. Keep a bowl of water near you-the air conditioner will pull the moisture from the water bowl instead of your skin

However on a 35+ degree day I will still be heading into the office to enjoy the air conditioning. Stay cool and keep hydrated!