Wrinkles While You Sleep!

Did you know you can get sleep wrinkles?

Unfortunately, it’s the truth! Our bad sleeping habits and pressure on our face against the pillow each night can cause sleep wrinkles.

 These aren’t your normal wrinkles either- these lines tend to be more vertical compared to expression lines. Most of the time they can be asymmetric because of our sleep habits. Often we sleep on one side and sleep wrinkles can be found on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

 More bad news…when you were younger these sleep lines would disappear within minutes of waking up. With ageing and thinning of the skin the lines don’t disappear as quickly and over time become etched in your skin.

Now for some good news!!!!

There are ways you can minimise sleep lines and wrinkles. Try sleeping on your back with support pillows on each side to prevent you rolling. If this is uncomfortable and you prefer sleeping on your side a Mulberry Silk pillowcase can assist with preventing facial creasing. Silk is made from natural fibers that reduce friction and help prevent abrasion on the skin. It also assists the skin to retain moisture during sleep as silk does not draw moisture from the skin.